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Search & Destroy (S&D) is a modern action toolkit for use with Super-6, the system behind SUPERS Revised tabletop role-playing game system by Hazard Studios. The setting and genre elements presented in S&D are based on our contemporary world, but with one big difference; this world has larger-than-life action heroes and villains. The movers and shakers of this world are incredibly tough, impossibly skilled, and absurdly lucky; such is the legendary stuff of countless action movies and thriller novels. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a super-spy skulking around a billionaire’s secret lair or a hard-nosed detective busting a drug ring, then this world is in need of you!

Sample Artwork Artwork currently under development by Jon Gibbons

Search & Destroy heroes can appear in a number of different roles; you will find sample non-player characters (NPCs) and organizations to inspire your adventures and stock your own high-octane campaign. Some sections offer an assortment of options intended to work as extensions of the core rules in SUPERS Revised.

Additional options for running a campaign of high action in our modern day world:

Character Archetypes

Eight templates are available to help players build characters quickly.

Threat Bonuses

Some weapons are more dangerous than others. Threat bonuses bring the pain!

Special Gear

A section full of gadgets, poisons, and other nasty tricks

Chase Rules

Conduct exciting chases with rules tailored to SUPER-6.

Competition Rules

Bring new drama to your adventures with tense competitions!

Organization Rules

Presenting a campaign-level sub-system for organizational conflicts.