Yuri Ivanovich, Sessions 5 & 6

Ivanovich fishtailed his black Shelby Mustang onto a snowy mountain road in the Urals as four armed men on snowmobiles jumped into his rearview mirror. The chase was on! His thumb touched the nitro boost switch, but he thought better of it. Too dangerous under these conditions. He gunned it for a short stretch and gained some distance, but on the next curve, the snowmobiles quickly caught up. He dodged a drift and powered through with two wheels up on an incline, the pursuers were close behind. Yuri whipped the car to the right and the back end forced a snowmobile into another. They both tumbled in a plume of white snow and brown dirt!

As he sped down the mountainside, the snow cover grew thin. The remaining two snowmobiles lost ground and eventually had to stop. But as he rounded the next bend, he was greeted by a snowplow headed up the mountain. It was taking up as much space as possible, intentionally! Yuri took-it-on head first and at the last second jerked the car to the right. The plow turned hard and just missing the Mustang, impaled its blade into the embankment!

Yuri drifted around another switchback and gunned it again. Up above, the snowplow pulled free and was pushing a boulder down the slope toward him! The boulder and debris narrowly missed the car below and Yuri descended out of the Ural Range headed toward Chelyabinsk.


As Yuri came into the eastern outskirts of Chelyabinsk, he noticed a helicopter tailing him from a distance. He sped-up once again, but before he could get to the next turn, two cars leaped onto the road ahead, blocking his path! He weaved his way between the cars and ripped through the streets beyond. Off and running...

The pursuing sedans had little chance of keeping pace with Ivanovich's muscle car. He quickly outpaced them [Super-Running] and then made a hard turn in-between a couple of shacks and disappeared in a plume of snow and dirt on an agricultural road, losing the pursuers. One of the sedans followed down the road for a short distance and stopped. The passenger door popped opened and a man stepped out... right into a pile of manure.

A couple of blocks away, a gray armored truck pulled onto an intersecting road. It was a custom Dartz Prombon, sporting a company logo on the sides. Moments later, a motorcycle pulled out and followed the heavy SUV. The man on the bike was Markus Myles, a freelance operative conducting an investigation of his own.

And the chase that followed was epic!

Yuri's car popped back onto the main road, just as the SUV arrived. Suddenly they were side-by-side! The big armored truck tried to force him into a parked car [Size 3d], but Yuri triggered the nitro and accelerated through the gap! The motorcycle also worked its way up to the SUV and narrowly avoided getting smashed. Yuri turned down another street and was confronted with a construction zone. But he didn't back down. Instead, he hit a pile of frozen, packed sand and jumped the car over the gaping hole in the pavement! [Athleticism + Competency vs. Hazard rating] The SUV attempted to plow through the zone [Armor: failed], but got stuck on a concrete mixer. Meanwhile, the mysterious Mr. Myles also made the jump, keeping pace with Yuri!

The chase continued into a more crowded area of the city and both the helicopter and the SUV began to close-in again. Myles drove up onto the sidewalk and flushed a crowd of people into the street [which produced two benefit dice for the Hazard check using the Assitance rules!]. The SUV was forced to swerve, ripping its way through a lawn, bowling over a hedge and a statue.

With the helicopter taking aim at him, Yuri led the chase into a parking garage and began weaving through the narrow maze. Myles was right behind him on the motorcycle. Having seen the interference the mystery biker had caused in his rearview, Yuri cautiously regarded him as an ally. However, he couldn't get a look at the face in the glossy black helmet. Suddenly, the bike peeled off, accelerated up a ramp and disappeared.

Meanwhile, that big SUV was getting too close again. Yuri veered to the left between a parked car and a concrete pillar. The heavy truck just smashed through the tight space taking a chunk of cement from the pillar and knocking the parked vehicle askew! They continued up to the next level where Yuri had room to accelerate. As he did, the helicopter was waiting on his left flank. Heavy machine gun fire ripped through the floor behind him! The door gunner continued to hold the trigger down as he sprayed the upper floor, where a couple rounds pelted Myles' motorcycle. The gas tank and the front wheel sprung leaks. He had to act now!

Revving the motor, he charged at the low-hovering chopper! The front wheel clipped a parking stone and elevated into the low concrete wall [Vehicle + Competency], catapulting Myles through the air as the leaking tank erupted in flame! He reached in death-defying desperation [Athleticism, -1d hindrance, no competency remaining... Success, by two points!], grabbing the skid rail of the helicopter!!

The session ended with Ivanovich battling the SUV and Myles hanging from the helicopter...

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