On the eve of our target date for the PDF release, I'm here to tell you that there is a lot more yet to do. So we will not be hitting that target. All considered, we are going to push the release date out three weeks to December 30th.

If you're interested, I will explain further. The adage, "Do you want to be done fast or to be done right?" comes to mind.

The layout phase is much more challenging than I anticipated. As it turns out, several sections of the book have a half page or greater gap at the end. Since we decided against using stock art to help fill such gaps, then we have to make a lot of adjustments to the text and header styles in Adobe InDesign to shift the flow of text from one body panel to the next. More original art would give us flexibility at this point, but there is no more budget or time remaining to take that approach. So we have to go back to the beginning and re-think it one page at a time. Of course, matters are further complicated by little things like real jobs and family and so forth. Graphic illustrator and layout man, Brian, works a night shift extending through the weekends. I work normal business hours. So it is hard to line up our free time.

As I have said before, this project has been a great education for me and this lesson - the layout lesson - is a very important one. It is teaching me what many experienced publishers already know. For posterity, the process for the next book will go something like this:

  • Write & Playtest - at least three stages.
  • Full Edit phase and major revisions
  • Playtest and minor revisions
  • Main Layout with designated spaces and panels for art
  • Crowdfunding campaign if necessary
  • Final Edit
  • Art acquisition
  • Art placement
  • Final layout including covers, table of contents, and appendices

Thank you for following along, and we especially appreciate your patience! I know there are several SUPERS fans that are looking forward to adapting S&D tools to their campaigns. Trust me, I am equally excited to deliver this product to you.

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