Sessions 3 & 4 starring Yuri Ivanovich took an investigative turn. He escaped the ugly scene on the Venice-Simplon Orient Express and disappeared in Switzerland. Being a man of wealth, he accessed his account there, rented a car, and began poking around to see if he could find the man called Schauberlin. He also hired a P.I. by the name of Franz Kestenbaum to help track down leads and contacts. Kestenbaum proved to be very helpful, working with Interpol in the railyard investigation scene. He got access to a review of security footage from the train, showing a team of three masked "terrorists" in the corridor. They were also able to get a decent image of Schauberlin at the blackjack table.

Following a different lead, Ivanovich left the Swiss end of the investigation to Kestenbaum and caught a flight to Chelyabinsk. He went there to seek information on a missing Federal Police Sergeant Andre Kovalev. Upon arrival, he picked up his car that he arranged to have delivered, and he received a call from Kestenbaum. The P.I. confirmed that Schauberlin was an alias and that the unknown man had also been spotted posing as Spanish collector and an English playboy under different names.

Ivanovich started by filling out a formal inquiry at the Federal Politsiya Regional HQ, claiming to be a distant relation. Next, he found a fixer/informant by the name of Daniil Lebedev [Streetwise aptitude checks] - a manic, wiry man in the back of a pawn shop. For a price, Lebedev provided some details about the missing Kovalev and a landowner Volkov, also missing from the same incident about a year ago. It appeared to be a trespassing dispute.

The grayness of mystery began to turn black and white. Ivanovich drove his black Shelby Mustang up into the snow-covered Ural Mountains. At the Volkov ranch, he found an abandoned shack and barn, before exploring the nearby woods. After about an hour, he noticed frozen ruts under the snow leading up the slope to a remote section of dormant trees. It led to crescent-shaped area, where the trees were badly charred, making a striking contrast in the white blanket of snow. Under the snow, there was evidence of heavy equipment activity in the frozen mud. He broke out his shovel and began to dig.

Minutes later, he heard the sound of motors approaching. In his white arctic gear, he easily hid in a nearby snowdrift. [Survival 15] Two ATVs arrived driven by men with rifles slung to their backs. They noticed the activity at the dig site. But failing to see Ivanovich, they went to check his car and the grounds around the shack.

Ivanovich [Intrusion rolls] easily snuck up to the barn where he took out one of the men with a single silenced pistol shot. A minute later, the other man arrived to check on his partner and met his end with equal efficiency.

Now feeling some time pressure, Ivanovich returned with more tools from the barn and dug furiously. Under the snow, he found the blackened bones of two human skeletons! He collected a couple of small samples and ran to his car. The sound of more revving motors grew louder. Someone else was coming fast! As he fish-tailed the black Mustang onto the narrow, snow-covered road, a group of black snowmobiles came flying over a ridgeline and landed on the road behind him!

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