This Halloween night, as I sat waiting for little ghosts and mini-princesses to grace my doorstep, I managed to finish my final editing pass on Search & Destroy! This is it. The writing part is done and it feels good! And a little strange too... I've been working on this thing almost daily for the entire year. Of course, there's plenty of work ahead, adding little touches as the layout and art placements take shape.

I estimate that I've spent 220 hours writing, play-testing, editing, and rewriting this book. Currently it weighs in at 33,000 words. Once all the art is in place, it should add-up to about 72 pages.

The artists have been terrific; professional, and on-schedule. My graphic designer/layout man has been very patient and a good teacher. I am fortunated to have such a smooth-working crew. If everything continues to go according to plan, we will have the PDF ready after Thanksgiving. The book is simple enough that I hope print-on-demand will follow quickly.

Thanks to those of you who have provided encouragement and feedback. I hope this supplement provides everything you expect and more.

G.W. Brown

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