Red Danube

Yuri Ivanovich is an ex-Spetsnaz commando turned freelance operative. The tall, handsome Russian ran his fingers through his blonde hair, sipping cognac as his flight approached Budapest. He was going to help an acquaintance, Lolina Kosmori, who called on him for protection. Protection from what, she did not say. [cut scene to the Parliament district on the banks of the Danube River]

Ivanovich was getting concerned. Ms. Kosmori has set their rendezvous for 4:30 local, but she was late. He expanded his keen awareness, his eyes searching the Gothic architecture all around.
[Awareness: major success] Ivanovich heard a faint scream. A women in peril in the parking garage across the street!

[Athleticism: major success] He easily zig-zag through busy downtown traffic and leaped over a low concrete wall into the multi-level garage.

[Awareness: normal success] Ivanovich heard the sound of squealing tires on the level above. He drew his twin Sig Sauer pistols and scrambled to get near the ramp coming from level 2 and hide.

[Intrusion: failed] A speeding Audi got to the ramp and screeched to a halt. The car backed up to make a turn. Ivanovich cut loose with the pistols in an attempt to take out the tires! [Shooting: major success] Two shots blew out the front driver's side tire! [-1 REAC] The car continued nonetheless. Ivanovich had to get up to level 2.

[Athleticism vs. Audi's Athleticism] Ivanovich climbed up and over the railing to level 2, but he was losing ground.
[Hazard check: Environment - Ivanovich succeeded on an Awareness check to avoid a truck coming around the corner and deftly sidestepped. However, the Audi collided with a car that was backing out. -1 FORT]. Nonetheless, the Audi bulled it's way through and accelerated recklessly! Ivanovich tracked on foot and timed another careful shot.

[Shooting: major success with a competency die spend] An amazing shot between two parked cars as the Audi sped past. The second tire on the driver's side deflated. The car weaved and smashed into the low concrete wall at the end of the row!

The back glass of the car erupted in bullet-holes, and a foot kicked it out of the way. Ivanovich saw a woman struggling inside the vehicle. It was Lolina. A man emerged from the passenger's side and fired a pistol!

[Reaction: success] Ivanovich lunged forward using the battered car for cover. [Shooting: superior success!] He returned fire and the man's head snapped back. He toppled backward over the low wall and out of sight.

The other man in the backseat of the car wrestled with the hostage and slowly began to exit the driver's side, holding the SMG to Lolina's head. His profile was sharpened by the late afternoon daylight in the background. Ivanovich fired a single, careful shot.

[Shooting: major success with a competency die] The bullet ripped the little sub-gun from the man's hand, severing a finger as well. He fell to the smooth concrete clutching his bleeding hand!

With sirens fast approaching they fled the scene and boarded the first train out of Budapest.

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