10 Jan

S&D Upgrade

More great news for S&D operatives! As we reviewed and refined the initial PDF release, we decided to take a few more steps to improve the asthetics of the book before going for print-on-demand. The most noticeable changes will involve the replacement of reused/repeated art. I am excited to announce that version 1.1 of the PDF will include the following changes:

  • Cover logo has a slight background glow to make it stand-out.
  • Five new half-page art pieces by Jon Gibbons. These are great!
  • Two new pieces of character art for Colonel Ellis and Aaron Williams.
  • Several more small art pieces added
  • Minor edits made on pages 21, 55, and 57.
  • Leadership headers removed in the Fronts & Shadows section.
  • The Action By Design section has been converted to an appendix.

The above changes will be completed Tuesday evening. If you already have the PDF, you will only need to download the new version. I will send a notice to customers via Drive-Thru RPG when it is available.

At that point, I will order a print proof too and we will be just a couple steps away from hard copies!

Thank you all for your support, interest, and patience with this project.

G. W. Brown

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