Where the Water Rumbles

Introduction: Aaron Williams is a character from the setting section of Search & Destroy. He is a former kickboxing champion and semi-retired freelance operative, currently serving as an instructor for Stone Mountain Emissaries. While conducting a training mission in Bolivia, he is informed by Citadel that a friend and colleague is being held nearby by an insurgent group. His friend, Daniel Ganai was apparently working for Mossad.

In short, Mossad and the CIA were able to pinpoint Ganai's likely location, but they had nobody in the area to respond. That's where Williams enters.

The objective is a next-generation hydroelectric plant that recently reported insurgent activity and it is currently off-line. The scenario begins with Williams at the basin of a torrential waterfall. Twin steel triangular structures jut out from the cliff wall about 90 feet above the basin. The top of the falls is another 100 feet above that.

[Intrusion 16 vs. 9 difficulty] Williams carefully makes his way through the foliage to the cliff. [Athleticism 8 w. a -1d hindrance vs. 7 difficulty] The climb turns out to be a tough one, but he finally manages to reach a steel platform. [Awareness 8 vs. 6 difficulty] He is fortunate to find a maintenance tunnel and... [Intrusion 11 vs. 8 difficulty] He unlocks the hatch. [Intrusion 12 vs. 1 for the mooks next door, w a -1d hindrance] Williams slides into an empty room, but he can tell there is company nearby. [Intrusion 15 vs. 2 for the mooks] He scopes out the hall and spots two workers in one direction and a secured door in the other. Moments later he is within striking distance of the unsuspecting workers.

[Fighting 13 vs. 6 for the mooks] He slams one of them face-first into a heavy desk and takes out the other with a knee lift! He drags the two men behind the furniture and hides momentarily to see if he's drawn attention. Apparently not. The rumbling of the falls coursing through this structure is an advantage.

Across the steel bridge and the roaring water is an apparent Control Room. [Intrusion 9 vs. 7 for the henchman] Seeing the armed soldier, he times the approach carefully.

[Fighting 18 vs. 9 for the henchman] A kick to the arm knocks the assault rifle free! [Henchman 9 vs. 7 Reaction] But the soldier catches him a left hook! [-1d Will] [Mooks 9 vs. 13 Athleticism] Williams deftly dodges the two workers that try to grapple him. [Fighting 14 vs. 8 henchman] A whipping elbow finishes the guard. [Mooks 8 vs. 16 Reaction] The mooks do their best to nail the intruder, but Williams blocks their attack with ease. [Fighting 18 vs. 3 for the mooks] Williams trips one man and rams him head-first into the bulkhead. A spinning back-kick to the chest sends the other man reeling through the Control Room window and into the whirling hydro-turbine below! Ouch. An alarm begins to sound throughout the complex.

Williams pulls an access card from the guard, pulls his custom .45 and runs deeper into the complex. Up ahead, workers come stumbling through a heavy door.

[Shooting 16 vs. 9 for the mooks] Williams stops and fires a double-tap, dropping two of them, but more are coming! He turns and runs through the control room to the bridge where he is cut off by more mooks. Now he is trapped over a raging torrent. Williams raises his hands and the men move-in on him (he doesn't want to shoot them all).

[Fighting 16 vs. 4 for the mooks] In a blinding flurry of kicks and punches he wipes out the whole group! One man is sent flying over the railing and into the white water below. Williams continues to backtrack to the first secured door.

[Henchman 11 vs. 10 Awareness] ...but he is not aware of the lurking guard!
[Henchman 15 vs. 13 Reaction] The soldier cuts loose with an assault rifle and a round grazes Williams' leg! (-1d Reaction) [Shooting 16 vs. 12 for the henchman] Williams returns fire, exhausting his magazine (Ammo die rolled a 2). The soldier is hit, and he pulls back allowing Williams to scramble into a side room. Fortunately, Williams (wins initiative) and has time to reload. [Henchman 7 vs. Intrusion 9] Williams hides behind cover as the soldier sprays the room with more auto-fire. [Shooting 11 vs. 4 for the henchman] He pops up and blows the bad guy away at near point-blank range.

Beyond the now opened heavy door is a cavernous tunnel. Williams follows it for a short distance, winding upward into the mountain, he moves carefully, quietly. He sees another soldier - an apparent commander - standing over a hostage in a small chamber ahead.

[Presence 15 vs. 10 Will] Williams steps out of the shadows and demands that he let his prisoner go. (-1d Will) The man is rattled at first. [Streetwise 11 vs. 9 Composure] ...but he recovers quickly, to cast an insult that brings Williams to a boil. (-1d Composure). Enough banter. [Shooting 17 vs. 12 Athleticism] Williams fires twice while closing the gap between them. (with the threat bonus, -2d damage) [Shooting 9 vs. 11 Athleticism] Williams does a shoulder roll to evade return fire, his momentum carrying him forward... [Fighting 13 vs. 3 Fighting] A punch stuns the man, and a spinning heel kick finishes him off! The assault rifle clatters on the stone floor. Williams clutches his bleeding leg.

Pulling the blindfold off of the hostage, it is indeed his old partner Ganai. The two men help each other make a limping exit from the facility.

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