The pursuit of a fun, freewheeling, action hero RPG started for me in 1982. While I enjoyed playing D&D like most other gaming geeks of the 80s, my true desire was to design and run an action game of my own. Over the years, several "home brew" systems came and went. A couple of them saw extensive playing time and worked reasonably well, but my tendancy to get too detailed or too "realistic" with weapons and combat was the pitfall I could not seem to avoid.

Victory Games' 007 RPG was the closest thing to what I sought. Incredibly, it remained my top RPG for nearly 30 years! When Classified RPG, the 007 retroclone, was released last year, I decided to try writing and supporting that system. To my surprise, it was just too dense. Too "crunchy" for my tastes these days. I knew I could have the same amount of fun playing and writing for a much lighter game system.

I was already familiar with SUPERS! from Beyond Belief Games, so next I tried Dogs of W.A.R., a variant of Barbarians of Lemuria. It was pretty good, but I found myself missing the narrative flexibility of SUPERS! Then Hazard Studios came along with SUPERS Revised and I began to see potential for the action game I had long envisioned.

Thus I began a home-made hack of SUPERS RED focused on action heroes. A few of my posts on Google + grabbed Walt's attention and we began to share ideas offline. Eight months later, those ideas and discussions have culminated into a toolkit of which I am very proud. Now as we close-in on the final phase of development, please follow-along to see what we have in store!

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