The next piece of Search & Destroy I'd like to talk about is Organizations. This may be the gadget in the toolbox for which I'm most excited. In this section, an optional subsystem is presented for creating world-spanning organizations and for pitting those organizations against each other. The intent of this approach is to create an ebb and flow for the backdrop of your campaign and to spark newsworthy events which can impact your plots in surprising ways.

The Organizational Conflict sub-system remains true to the opposed rolls/aptitudes/powers structure of Supers. Thus it is flexible and narrative-oriented. The organizations themselves will feel much like Supers characters in play. These rules will not require you to track battalions of troops or other large numbers of assets and currency. Instead, organizations are built as a list of qualities, i.e. aptitudes and powers. The qualities themselves also act as resistances and each quality may be specifically targeted and suffer attrition. It is really a simple concept with unlimited possibilities as befits the core principles of the game.

Organizations operate in campaign rounds in which they may either build assets by improving qualities, or attack another org to wear down their qualities. The length of a campaign round is flexible, depending on the pacing of your game. Anywhere from 1 month to 6 months is a good time frame.

So far I've found Organizations to be a lot of fun. The aptitudes, actions, and results may be interpreted in a number of ways. I think most Supers players will embrace this creative freedom in adding another facet to their gaming world.

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