We are targeting Wednesday, December 9th, as the release date for Search & Destroy in PDF. The book is currently in layout and my layout man, B. A. Umberger, just started a new job. So his time is much more limited, as you can imagine. Nonetheless, the layout is looking better with every hour he can spare.

The esteemed Mr. Gibbons is putting the finishing touches on the last piece of art, and its place is set in the layout. So no problem there.

I opened a publisher account with One Book Shelf (Drive-Thru and RPGNow), where the PDF will first be made available.

The print-on-demand version should follow in a couple of weeks. I will be looking at feedback on the PDF before we go to print. If there are some things to clean-up, I'd like to take care of it in that window. PDF-only customers will be setup to refresh their copy as desired.

POD will also be available via One Book Shelf, and I am also looking at Amazon and Lulu as options. A separate digital copy is needed for the print version, but, fortunately, Mr. Umberger accounted for the necessary conversion.

This project has been a great experience. Everybody involved has been supportive and professional. I hope S&D marks the beginning of many more fun things down the road.

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